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Mary Pomerantz

5 Steps for Integrating Temp Workers Into Your Team

Mary Pomerantz

Ms. Pomerantz has over 35 years’ experience in recruiting top talent for some of the largest companies in the world and start-ups alike. She earned a BS from the University of Pittsburgh and a Master’s in Human Resource Management from Rutgers University. She also has senior HR credentials, including both SPHR and SHRM-SCP certifications.

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Although hiring temp workers can be a great way to improve the overall productivity of your workforce, employers need to be aware of — and proactively address — the potential for tension between the permanent and temporary workers on their staff when integrating temp workers into their workforce. Fortunately, there are a number of steps you can take when bringing temp workers onboard at your organization that can help to smooth the transition and make both types of employees see one another as allies in a shared mission rather than competitors or even enemies in a struggle for resources. The following 5 steps should go a long way toward integrating temp workers into your team and making sure that all of your employees work together efficiently and successfully toward a common goal.

#1: Talk with Permanent Staff Beforehand

Springing a new temporary staff member or team of new temp workers on your permanent workforce without a “heads-up” beforehand is almost always a big mistake. It is human nature to be uncomfortable with and suspicious of sudden changes, and the sudden introduction of temporary workers to a group of permanent workers is no exception to this general rule. Without a clear explanation as to the role and purpose of the new temp employee(s), your permanent workers may view the temp(s) as a threat to their job security, an implicit judgement on their productivity or the quality of their work, or competition for overtime hours or promotion opportunities. Management needs to allay these fears and clearly communicate the specific roles that the temp workers will fill and the specific ways that these new employees will help alleviate stress and workload for your existing staff. This will help to create a more welcoming atmosphere for the new temp workers and cut down on the swirling rumors that can accompany any sudden change in the workplace. [1]

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#2: Onboard Temp Workers Properly

While, depending on the type of temp worker and length of their contract, it may not be necessary or even productive to give temporary workers the full “onboarding experience” that permanent workers receive at your company — even an “onboarding-lite” program can be enormously helpful in integrating temp workers into your company’s culture. All too often, temp workers are hired and thrown right into a specific project or task with little to no introduction to the company’s mission, vision, or values. This can lead to a number of problems down the road when these temp workers interact with your permanent staff members. By giving your temp workers a short version of the onboarding that their fellow permanent employees receive, it should help them to fit into your work culture more seamlessly and avoid any friction or misunderstandings between them and the rest of your team. [1]

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#3: Treat All Workers Fairly and Consistently

To ensure you avoid an “us vs. them” dynamic between permanent and temporary staff members, it is critical that management treats all workers in a fair and consistent manner, whether they are temporary or permanent staff. As management, your workers will follow your example; if you treat your temporary employees with less respect or hold them to different standards, your permanent employees will follow suit, creating an unproductive work environment for everyone involved. It is crucial for company leaders to set the example they want their staff to follow — and to encourage positive interactions between permanent and temporary employees whenever possible. Fostering this kind of positive engagement among employees as they work toward a common goal is the best way to make sure that you are integrating temp employees into your overall workforce in the most productive and efficient way possible. [1]

Temp Workers Don’t Always Give Accurate Feedback in Person

Temp workers can often be hesitant or intimidated to give honest feedback about negative experiences they may have had integrating into your company’s work culture. However, they may turn to employer review websites like to vent their frustrations and share their negative experiences. That’s why it’s important for employers to regularly review these sites to make sure they are aware of any issues involving their temporary employees that they may not have shared with management in-person. A key piece of advice when browsing these sites is to not take any individual negative review too personally, but to always pay close attention to any patterns of behavior or treatment that seem to emerge. This can help you to “get out in front of” any tensions between permanent and temporary employees that you wouldn’t have been aware of otherwise. [2]

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#4: Nip Gossip and Bullying in the Bud

Regardless of the proactive steps you take at seamlessly integrating temp employees into your workforce, you may still encounter situations where permanent staff members engage in gossip about or attempt to belittle or bully the temporary workers on your team. In these cases it is critical that you address this issue quickly and emphatically to ensure that it does not spread and become an ongoing issue of concern. This process should include directly addressing the employees involved to correct the immediate behavior, as well as proactively talking with both permanent and temporary staff members to make sure that this kind of behavior is not going on without your knowledge.[1]

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#5: Turn to Experts for Help

If you are new to the process of integrating temp workers into your company’s staff — or have had some negative experiences in the past — you shouldn’t hesitate to tap into the expertise of experienced staffing professionals like those that TPG Staffing has at your disposal. Our team has worked with many companies and helped them to not only recruit the best talent (both temporary and permanent) for their needs, but also to make sure that these new employees mesh seamlessly with our clients’ existing staff. We are here to help in any way that you need us to; you just need to ask, and we’ll put our skills to work to ensure that you get the most productive output from every segment of your workforce.

Ignore these Steps at your own Risk

Now that you have read about the 5 Steps for Integrating Temp Workers Into Your Team, how you react is up to you. You are, of course, free to completely disregard some or all of these steps and hope that your workforce doesn’t suffer any ill effects. However, that ill-advised choice will almost certainly put you at a strategic disadvantage versus your competitors who make a more concerted effort at integrating temporary employees into their workforce teams. And, since the efficiency and productivity of a company’s workforce is such a critical driver of success in today’s ultra-competitive business climate, ignoring these steps will severely handicap your company’s odds to succeed. If you thought that temp employees were important enough to your organization’s success to make the effort to hire them in the first place, why would you want them to start their work ill-prepared to thrive, potentially damaging the productivity and morale of your entire workforce in the process?

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If you’re looking for help ensuring that your temporary and permanent employees work together as part of a frictionless and well-oiled machine, just call TPG Staffing today at 732-246-7100 to get the ball rolling.