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Payrolling Employees

Affordable Payrolling Expertise.

Deciding on whether to use traditional staffing services or an employee payrolling approach can be confusing. TPG Staffing USA has the necessary experience and expertise to help you make the right choice for both payrolling employees or traditional staffing.

While most of our clients turn to TPG Staffing USA for traditional staffing services in a number of different industries, some clients utilize us as a means to “payroll” their employees. The distinction between payrolling employees or staffing them is a subtle one, as each method shares a number of similarities. However, the subtle differences between these two approaches to filling out your company’s workforce may make one more advantageous to you than another. Fortunately for our clients, TPG Staffing USA offers both of the services and can give you our professional advice on which one might be right for your organization.

Elements Staffed Employees Share with
Payrolled Employees

Both staffed employees and payrolled employees will have TPG Staffing USA as the legal “employer of record.” This means that TPG Staffing is responsible for collecting and submitting payroll taxes and paying employer taxes such as FICA, FUTA, SUTA, Workers’ Compensation. As the employer of record, TPG Staffing USA also provides benefits to its employees such as health insurance and 401K plans, and is responsible for general liability insurance for the employee.


Some Benefits to Payrolling Employees

  • Allowing you to focus on mission-critical tasks and leave payroll-related services to others
  • Quickly filling positions in a new state your company hasn’t operated in before
  • Hiring employees for a short-term project without suffering SUTA costs when it ends

How Payrolled Employees Differ from Staffed Ones

The main difference between staffed and payrolled employees is how they are recruited and selected. When we provide traditional staffing services for our clients TPG Staffing USA is responsible for all of the recruiting and selecting of candidates. In an employee payrolling arrangement, your company would perform all of the recruitment and selection of individual candidates, and TPG Staffing USA would then take over providing the rest of the services typically supplied by the employee’s employer.

Every State has Different Payrolling Regulations

One important thing to keep in mind when considering payrolling your employees through a third party such as TPG Staffing USA is that each state has different laws and regulations when it comes to offering this type of service. As experienced professionals in this field we can help you navigate all of these different standards and requirements and help you decide if payrolling is a good option for you in any given state. In fact, the diversity of employment laws and regulations can actually make payrolling employees a good option if you are looking to hire employees in a new state whose employment regulations are unfamiliar to you and your company current employees.

Let TPG Staffing Help You Decide

Deciding on whether to use traditional staffing services or an employee payrolling approach can be difficult, but the experienced professionals at TPG Staffing USA are here to help you make the right choice for you and your organization. We can walk you through all of the benefits and drawbacks of each approach, including a breakdown of how state and local employment regulations can impact your options. Whatever your specific needs and constraints, we are here to help you determine the best way to fill out your workforce and fuel your company’s success now and in the years to come.
If you want to find out more about how payrolling employees can help your business thrive, call TPG Staffing USA at 732-246-7100 today.

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