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Need Someone for a Several-Day Special Project or an Employee Leave Lasting Several Months?

TPG Staffing will help you find the right temporary employee for the job.

Temporary Staffing for a Flexible Workforce

Temporary staffing positions can last from a few days to several months, which allows job seekers flexibility in their work and helps businesses fill positions as soon as they become open. If your company needs qualified temporary employees due to a short-term absence, a special project or a sudden increase in business, TPG Staffing can help. We are a national temporary staffing agency and have worked with dozens of businesses in the past to fill their temporary employment needs.

We Handle the Temporary Staffing Needs for a Nearly Endless Range of Industries, including:

image of a bank to represent banking temporary staffing


image of a microscope to represent pharmaceutical temp staffing


image of a heart being monitored to represent healthcare temp staffing


image of a calculator to represent accounting temp staffing


image of a gavel to represent legal temp staffing


image of a dollar sign and rising growth chart to represent sales temporary staffing


The above listed industries represent only a fraction of the areas where we can provide immediate and effective temporary staffing. We invite you to contact us at 732-246-7100 to see if temporary staffing is right for you.

Photo of a young professional temp sitting at working with company employees


Accounting Clerks
Administrative Assistants
Bank Tellers
Benefits Specialists
Billing Clerks
CAD Technicians
Call Center Agents
Collections Representatives
Compensation Specialists
Computer Operators
Customer Service Representatives
Data Entry Clerks
Escrow Assistants
Executive Assistants
File Clerks
GIS Technicians
Graphic Artists
HR Assistants
HR Generalists

HR Recruiters
Inside Sales Representatives
IT Assistants
Legal Secretaries
Legal File Clerk
Marketing Assistants
Medical Billing Specialists
Medical Schedulers
Medical Secretaries
Mortgage Assistants
Office Clerks
Office Managers
Payroll Processors
Pharmacy Technicians
Purchasing Assistants
Reconciliation Clerks
Sales Assistants
Social Media Assistants

Temp-to-Perm Solutions

When you have an important position to fill, the last thing you want to do is make a bad hire. But working only with a resume, some references and a brief interview process, how do you know if you've made the right choice? A temp-to-perm hiring strategy removes much of the guesswork from the hiring process and allows business owners to see exactly what an employee brings to a company before committing to a permanent hire. You'll be able to see firsthand whether or not the employee has the specific experience and skills required to succeed in the position.

This is an increasingly popular strategy for business owners who do not have money to waste on bad hires. The temp-to-perm approach incentivizes new employees to put their best foot forward and allows employers to easily move on if the hire is a bad fit.

Fill Sudden Workforce Gaps

Life happens, and sometimes it can create a large inconvenience for your workforce and ultimately your customers. Whether it's because of extended sickness, maternity leave, a death in the family or any number of other things, one or more of your employees may need to take extended time off at some point. If this happens in the middle of a busy season or just ahead of an important deadline, it could be potentially crippling to your business operations.

TPG Staffing will help fill the voids left by your permanent employees and ensure that your business doesn't skip a beat. We have an expansive database of qualified professionals who are ready to work at a moment's notice and will hit the ground running at your company. If you can't afford any lapses in productivity, then it's essential that you partner with TPG Staffing so that your vacancies are filled as quickly as possible.

Get Access to Different Skills

There are times when your business may require skills that your current staff does not possess. In these situations, opting for a permanent employee unnecessarily chains you to a long-term commitment. A much more practical solution is to hire a freelance or contract worker for your specific project. If you find yourself in this situation, TPG Staffing is here to help.

Our team of temporary employees offers a diverse array of skills that will meet nearly any challenge your company is facing. Whether your need is in finance, creativity, marketing, technology or anything else, you can rest assured that TPG Staffing has you covered.

Temporary staffing is the best option for employers who need to fill an immediate opening, prepare for a busy season or test whether a new employee will be a long-term fit. TPG Staffing has helped countless companies quickly fill open positions, with many of these employees going on to become permanent contributors. We will help your business find exactly who it needs, when it needs them. Call us at 732-246-7100 to learn more.

Custom Staffing Solutions
TPG Staffing can help you with any of your staffing needs. Reach out to us, and we'll set up a meeting to figure out the best solution for your company.
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