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We Connect People. Not Just Resumes.

At TPG Staffing, we're focused on matching talent with employers for valuable, lasting partnerships.

Find the Talent to Make Your Business Thrive

Staying ahead of the competition and continuing to grow in today's global economy requires your company to exercise prudent yet creative thinking to ensure a qualified and cost-effective workforce. As your workflow demands change, you need a workforce that can change with it. That's where TPG Staffing can make the difference. We recognize the importance of building and maintaining a customizable workforce to match your workflow and budgetary needs. Whether you need us to build a team from the ground up, recruit contingent talent for specialized projects, or manage your payroll -- TPG Staffing can help you create the agile and responsive workforce you need. Leverage the expertise of our leadership team's combined century of staffing experience to make your business thrive, now and in the years to come.


TPG Staffing has worked in a variety of industries. We specialize in employment services for:


Pharmaceutical positions require candidates with the right combination of education, experience, expertise and ethical understanding to fill successfully.

Information Technology

In order to succeed, you need IT professionals who have an in-depth mastery of emerging technologies and are committed to continual growth and learning. TPG is here to help.

Finance &

From payroll and supplies to taxes and audits, the business world is driven by numbers. TPG Staffing will help you find the reliable, business-savvy finance and accounting talent that add up to your success.


Engineers are driven to understand how things work -- so they can make them work better. We'll help you find the most experienced engineering professionals who can make your business work better.

Human Resources

Businesses thrive when talent thrives. We'll help you find the best HR professionals to keep you moving forward, and make sure nothing -- and no one -- falls through the cracks.

Creative &

Companies that consistently build the strongest brands and market their products and services the most effectively put themselves in the best position to succeed.

Adminstrative Services

Feeling overwhelmed? We'll help you discover highly qualified administrative professionals who will keep your business moving forward with efficiency.


Whether you need to fast-track a project or fill an unexpected gap, TPG can help you find a temporary employee with permanent potential.

At TPG, we connect you with the right people for the job.

Our leadership team's combined century of experience in staffing and recruitment has allowed us to develop a process for hiring that places professionals in roles they want, while filling the roles employers need.

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Our #1 Priority is to Make our Clients Happy.

Here are some things that clients have written to us-

"Just wanted to thank you for sending us such high quality temps for our big project last quarter. We couldn't have finished all the work in time without them."


"TPG filled our temp to perm HR staffing need very quickly. The quality of candidate was so exceptional that we brought her on as a permanent employee almost immediately and she has proven to be an asset to our company. We are pleased to continue to use TPG for filling our staffing needs as they arise and appreciate their quick turnaround time."


"TPG has been instrumental in helping us find top talent with the Florida market. Their advice, HR guidance, and cost-effectiveness is greatly appreciated. We have asked them to assist with hard to fill positions and could not be more pleased with the candidates we hire."


"Thank you for providing us with very qualified clerical candidates. We plan to hire several of them for our temp-to-perm openings. We will definitely be using TPG Staffing again in the future."


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Picture of an employee giving a presentation.

Why Temp-to-Perm Hiring Saves Companies Money

Employing a temp-to-perm hiring strategy is beneficial for any company who has hired candidates in the past who seemed like perfect matches during the interview process, only to find out later that they were not capable of doing the job when they became permanent employees. Unfortunately, this is an all…

icon symbol of manager giving employees a presentation in conference room

5 Steps for Integrating Temp Workers Into Your Team

Although hiring temp workers can be a great way to improve the overall productivity of your workforce, employers need to be aware of — and proactively address — the potential for tension between the permanent and temporary workers on their staff when integrating temp workers into their workforce. Fortunately, there…

young businessman waiting in lobby for his executive job interview

How to Nail your next Executive Job Interview

When preparing for an executive job interview you always want to “do your homework” and try to be ready for any question they may throw at you. This can involve research into the company and its values, mission, and history. It can also involve researching the position you are applying…

Custom Staffing Solutions
TPG Staffing can help you with any of your staffing needs. Reach out to us, and we'll set up a meeting to figure out the best solution for your company.
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In need of an HR professional? Business thrives when talent thrives. We'll find the best to keep your company moving forward.
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In need of an engineering professional? We'll find the best engineering professionals to make your company work better.
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TPG Staffing will help you find the reliable, business-savvy finance and accounting talent that add up to your success.
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We will connect you with the top Creative & Marketing talent so you can appeal to the widest audience possible.
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TPG Staffing will help you build a team with the proper education and understanding of industry regulations you need to succeed.
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We’ll help you discover the most highly qualified administrative professionals who will keep your business moving forward with efficiency.
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TPG Staffing will help you find the right temporary employee for the job.
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TPG Staffing will help you find the right Information Technology employee for the job.
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