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Engineers Are Driven To Understand How Things Work -- So They Can Make Them Work Better.

We’ll help you find the most experienced engineering professionals who can make your business work better.

Engineer Your Future with TPG Staffing

Relentlessly creative. Fiercely passionate. Seriously innovative. That's the kind of engineering team you want, and with TPG Staffing engineering recruitment experts, you'll get that and more. In a competitive job market, you cannot afford to simply rely on job boards and advertisements to identify hard-to-find engineering talent. You need the help of a seasoned recruiting professional who can discover potential candidates before they even start looking. With our help, you get that and more.

When you work with TPG Staffing, you get more than a recruiter. You get a partner who is committed to understanding your company culture and matching you with the highest-quality job candidates to help you thrive. No matter the size and scope of your needs, we have the knowledge, expertise, and network to solve every one of your challenges.

TPG Staffing Fills All Levels of Engineering Positions in a Variety of Industries:

Photo of two young professional engineers working together inlooking at a laptop


Distribution Managers
Plant Managers
Quality Control Analysts
Chief Engineer
Hardware Engineer
Systems Engineer

Technical Architect
Electrical Engineer
Software Engineer
Systems Administrator
Security Engineer
Cloud Systems Engineer

We’re Experts at Finding Engineering Talent

With over three decades of engineering recruiting experience on our team, TPG will help you find the best engineers who are ready to take big ideas and put them to work for your business. Whether you need us to create a team from the ground up or recruit temporary talent for specialized projects, TPG will provide a customized solution that builds you the strongest team possible. That means you can avoid the process of writing and advertising job descriptions, reading resumes and interviewing. We will:

  • Provide a dedicated manager who understands the engineering industry, and a team of staffing experts who take the time to listen and understand your business
  • Draw from our unparalleled pool of engineering talent to locate hard-to-find candidates with highly specialized skills and experience
  • Deliver candidates for every phase and area of your business operations
  • Stay connected with you to ensure your new hires are meeting your expectations

Temporary Placements, Direct Hires, and Beyond

Finding talented engineers to fill your temporary or permanent positions can be complicated and time consuming. But not with TPG Staffing. We supply only the most highly qualified candidates for both temporary and direct-hire positions. Best of all, we've already sifted through, screened and interviewed some of the best professionals who aren't actively looking for a job. We'll help you develop and execute a customized staffing strategy that will attract these individuals or discover those who aren't already in our vast network.

Whether you need a new director for your quality control division, an entire team to launch a new department, or just an individual to fill the gap after a medical leave, we have your solution. If you're looking for the best engineering talent that can get up to speed quickly and save you money at the same time, call 732-246-7100 to learn more.

Custom Staffing Solutions
TPG Staffing can help you with any of your staffing needs. Reach out to us, and we'll set up a meeting to figure out the best solution for your company.
Custom Staffing Solutions HR Division Contact Form
In need of an HR professional? Business thrives when talent thrives. We'll find the best to keep your company moving forward.
Custom Staffing Solutions Engineering Division Contact Form
In need of an engineering professional? We'll find the best engineering professionals to make your company work better.
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TPG Staffing will help you find the reliable, business-savvy finance and accounting talent that add up to your success.
Custom Staffing Solutions Creative & Marketing Division Contact Form
We will connect you with the top Creative & Marketing talent so you can appeal to the widest audience possible.
Custom Staffing Solutions Pharmaceuticals Division Contact Form
TPG Staffing will help you build a team with the proper education and understanding of industry regulations you need to succeed.
Custom Staffing Solutions Admin Services Division Contact Form
We’ll help you discover the most highly qualified administrative professionals who will keep your business moving forward with efficiency.
Custom Staffing Solutions Temporary Employees Division Contact Form
TPG Staffing will help you find the right temporary employee for the job.
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TPG Staffing will help you find the right Information Technology employee for the job.
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