How many times have you hired a candidate who seemed like a perfect fit for your open position and your company only to find out that he was anything but? This is a common occurrence because job applicants often exaggerate their skills on resumes and magnify their strengths during interviews. The uncertainty of recruiting and hiring makes using a temp-to-perm strategy extremely advantageous when used correctly and in the right situations.

What is Temp-to-Perm and When Should You Use It?

Hiring a person temp-to-perm means that you have hired him on a temporary basis and that his performance on the job during a short period of time will dictate whether or not you offer him a permanent position. It’s essentially a probationary period for an employee where you can gauge if he’s a good fit for your company and can actually perform the duties of the job.

This real-world assessment is a great way for you to get a more complete picture of an employee’s effectiveness before you completely commit. It’s also a great time for the employee to determine if he likes working for your company. When used correctly, it can save you money, time and frustration in the hiring process.

It can be used in almost any hiring situation, but like most things, there are pros and cons to using a temp-to-perm hiring strategy.

An infographic about the pros and cons of a temp-to-perm hiring strategy.

Maximizing Your Temp-to-Perm Approach

Temp-to-perm is not always effective. If you keep hiring the wrong person on a temporary basis, this too will eventually add up high costs and wasted time. When you combine this fact with the likelihood that you will have a more limited candidate pool based on employing a temp-to-perm strategy, it’s best that you work with a staffing agency to maximize your success. A staffing agency will help you in several ways:

1. Access to more applicants: Established staffing agencies have large applicant pools to choose from, which gives you a higher chance of finding a high-quality candidate.
2. Applicants more receptive to temporary work: Unfortunately, there is a negative stigma attached to temporary work. However, the workers who go to staffing agencies are more likely to be open to temporary work.

3. Recruiting expertise: Staffing agencies do nothing but recruit and hire all day, every day. It’s likely that you will benefit from their experience and expertise.

A picture of a team of employees working together.
4. More time for recruiting: Finding the right candidates takes time, which you may or may not have.

5. Industry awareness: It may be difficult for you to determine which positions are good for temp-to-perm and which ones are best for direct hires. A staffing agency’s industry knowledge will help guide you to the right decisions.

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