Rapid changes are the main reasons why a staffing company (agency, firm) can benefit a business, whether it has 200 employees or 2,000. Running a profitable corporation has gotten considerably more difficult. The fluctuating economic environment puts stress on the daily operations of any organization. Having a fully staffed and highly qualified workplace is not a simple process. Personnel are no longer locked into a position for decades. People are moving about looking for more and better opportunities at an ever-increasing rate. Being able to get and keep employees is a task best left to trained professionals.

Analyzing the Resume

You are presented with a top-notch looking resume but the employment history indicates a lot of movement. Perhaps this individual is just following the suggestions and changing jobs every couple of year for career advancement. The other situation could also hold true. You could have a person with an inflated resume and no real talent. Making the call about which one is accurate is a difficult decision. Substantial costs are associated with a bad hire. Staffing agencies have the expertise necessary to not only review a candidate’s work profile, but also to more accurately interpret what it means. In addition, they have more access to a larger network of talent and know the best way to find the right candidate for a specific industry.

applicant being interviewed at a staffing company

The Hassles of Paperwork

Initially, there were only a handful of employment guidelines and regulations. Today, the U. S. Department of Labor (DOL) directs and administers almost 200 federal laws.[3] Compliance with these regulations and other governmental statutes is necessary to avoid possible million-dollar penalties. A good staffing firm understands the ins and outs of both hiring and onboarding. Making sure that all employees’ paperwork is not only completed correctly at the initial hire but also maintained throughout the employment is crucial. By streamlining the onboarding process, the initial downtime associated with new hires can be greatly reduced. Bringing in experts can help minimize the potential risks and allow for smoother day-to-day operations.

Retaining is more than Maintaining

Everyone knows that hiring the wrong people can lead to high turnover rates. However, not understanding the best steps to keep a good employee can also contribute to this factor. The recruiting and hiring can be a process that heavily consumes time, energy and money. A high quality staffing agency is equipped with the tools to not only get a company the best candidate but also to minimize low morale that can be associated with lack of direction. According to a recent article, the essential elements needed are:

  • Set obtainable goals with specific deadlines
  • Provide resources and access methods that promote efficiency
  • One-on-one engagement

With the right plan in place, it is possible to keep a good employee and avoid the excessive departures. An effective retention strategy just might make your corporation the place that the right individual can see themselves fitting in at for years to come.

Incorporate More Flexibility with a Staffing Company

As the needs of a company changes, a fully equipped staffing agency can provide other options to meet the organizational needs. One option is the temp-to-hire strategy that provides talented temporary personnel for short or prolonged periods. This could provide the necessary set of skills that your current workforce does not have. Temporary staffing is becoming more prominent in the United States. According the American Staffing Association:

Whether it’s special projects or a seasonal issue, incorporating temporary staff can be an economic method for maintaining productivity. Seeing an individual in action within your company’s environment can help an employer make a more informed hiring decision.

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