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Mary Pomerantz

7 Ways an NJ Staffing Agency Can Help Your Business Grow

Mary Pomerantz

Ms. Pomerantz is the CEO of TPG Staffing LLC and has over 35 years’ experience in recruiting top talent for some of the largest companies in the world and start-ups alike. She earned a BS from the University of Pittsburgh and a Master’s in Human Resource Management from Rutgers University. She also has senior HR credentials, including both SPHR and SHRM-SCP certifications.

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No matter the size of your NJ business or the field you operate in, partnering with an NJ staffing agency is a great way to help your business grow. Businesses succeed because they have found a niche need that they excel at filling and that success enables them to consider expansion into new markets or areas of expertise. However, being the best in your field of expertise is no guarantee that you’ll be just as successful in identifying and recruiting the talent you’ll need to grow your business to new heights. That’s why working with a staffing agency to recruit new employees can be such a smart choice.

NJ Staffing agency with the extensive recruitment expertise

A leading NJ staffing agency like TPG Staffing has built an experienced team of professionals whose area of expertise is assembling and supplying candidates who have the right mix of qualifications and experience to succeed in the specific roles you need to grow your business. You’ve developed expertise in the area of your business; we’ve developed it in getting you the right people to fuel its success. The following is a list of 7 ways a reputable NJ staffing agency can help your business grow.

#1 Filling positions quickly

When you need to fill an open position, every moment you delay can have a tremendous opportunity cost to your company. If your team is “a person down,” other staff members will, by necessity, be filling in the gaps in areas where they may not have extensive expertise. In addition, this means that they are also spending less time in the roles for which they are particularly suited. If you are handling the recruiting process yourself instead of using a staffing agency, that means that even more of your staff’s time and energy will be focused on recruitment rather than their areas of core responsibility. This all adds up to a situation where your workforce is not being as efficient and productive as possible, slowing your potential for growth and profitability. According to a study by the Project Management Institute, “talent deficiencies significantly hamper 40% of strategy implementation efforts.”[1] Partnering with a staffing agency such as TPG Staffing can fill your open positions quickly and enable your team members to keep firing on all cylinders.

#2 Reducing onboarding delays

infographic using bar charts to show how long new hires take before they make a contribution

Onboarding is another area that can cause delays in the hiring process from when you recognize you need to bring new talent into your business until that talent begins contributing to your company’s bottom line. Any delay in getting a new employee “up-to-speed” costs you time and money, and working with a staffing agency can help you avoid many of the delays often associated with new employee onboarding. For example, TPG Staffing can handle a large amount of the paperwork and other time-consuming tasks that are necessary for every new employee, turning the onboarding process into much more of a “turn-key” affair than if you had to worry about dotting every “i” and crossing every “t” yourself. In this way, you can go from needing a new employee to having a productive member of your team onboard in a much shorter period of time than if you tried to handle everything in-house. Based on a study conducted by Allied Van Lines, “the average time it takes to get a new employee to become fully productive continues to be approximately 8 months.” Onboarding delays serve to contribute to this lag in full productivity, and working with a staffing company such as TPG Staffing can reduce them substantially.

#3 Ensuring candidates have appropriate skills

It can take a lot of time and effort to ensure that job candidates have the specific skill-sets you need for them to be successful in your positions of need. Reviewing resumes for the relevant keywords isn’t enough, particularly as the availability of skilled workers continues to shrink and candidates become savvier in terms of how they describe their qualifications and experience. When you work with a staffing agency they often have a much better sense of a candidate’s actual fit for your organization’s needs as they have often seen their recommended candidates in action in similar roles and gotten feedback from previous employers on their on-the-job performance. Hiring a candidate who doesn’t fit the role you have available can be a very costly endeavor and even have a negative impact on things like overall employee morale and productivity for years down the road. Working with an NJ staffing agency like TPG Staffing can give you a much better chance of getting the right person in the right job, the first time around.

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#4 Replacing employees who don’t fit

Whether you are handling recruitment in-house or working with a staffing agency, sometimes a candidate just doesn’t fit into your company’s workforce and culture, no matter how much screening and effort has been made to ensure that they will. In this situation, it is critical to make a change and replace the employee as soon as possible, before they make a significantly negative impact on your bottom line. Everyone will occasionally make a hiring mistake, but truly successful organizations know when to cut their losses and replace ill-fitting employees. If you are relying on a staffing partner like TPG Staffing, this process can be handled quickly and cleanly, enabling you to bring a more productive team member onboard to rapidly replace the employee who didn’t work out with minimal disruption to your business.

“Truly successful organizations know when to cut their losses and replace ill-fitting employees.

#5 Utilizing temporary help for specific projects

Sometimes you may find yourself with specific projects that you need to complete, but without the staffing resources to assign to them. This is the perfect opportunity to work with a staffing agency to bring onboard a new team member or members who can be dedicated exclusively to your new project. This approach enables your current staff to concentrate on their regular duties, while you can make sure your project gets the attention it deserves. In our experience at TPG Staffing, this can also be a great way to “test-drive” new employees who you may want to bring aboard later for a more permanent position when your staffing needs change in the future.

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#6 Giving you staffing level flexibility

All companies experience periods of faster or slower business at different points during the year or as their clients’ need for their products or services fluctuates. By working with a staffing agency, you can have much greater flexibility in terms of the overall staffing levels at your business in response to these business fluctuations. In this way, you can maintain a core group of permanent employees on your staff and augment your workforce with temporary employees as your company’s needs increase. At TPG Staffing many of our clients use our services in this way to gain the benefits of having a workforce that can flexibly expand or contract as needed.

“Augment your workforce…as your company’s needs increase.

#7 Allowing you to focus on core business priorities

When you work with an NJ staffing agency your employees can focus all of their time and energy on the specific responsibilities that you have identified as core business priorities. It can be easy to become lost in the details of recruiting, onboarding, and other staffing-related issues, drawing your attention and focus away from the critical priorities that made your business successful in the first place. TPG Staffing can help free you up from these concerns, allowing you to concentrate 100% on your competitive edge in the marketplace. This is perhaps the most important reason why a staffing agency like TPG Staffing can help your business grow and remain on the cutting-edge of your field, by giving you the chance to maintain your focus on what matters most to your continuing productivity and profitability.

Fuel your growth with a strategic partner

The list above enumerates a number of ways that an established NJ staffing agency can help your business grow and be successful. Working with a strategic partner like TPG Staffing can help your business become more agile, skillful, flexible, and responsive to changing business conditions. This, in turn, can help to fuel your profitability and growth over time. If this sounds like a winning proposition to you, we invite you to contact us immediately to find out how TPG Staffing can help your workforce become a lean, mean, profit-producing machine, able to quickly respond to any changing business needs. Call us today at 732-246-7100 to find out how we can help you meet your staffing needs.


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