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Temporary Staffing

National temporary staffing agencies can fulfill your diverse needs
When employers want to retain workers on an “as needed” basis to fill a specific job opening – such as employee leave replacements, short-term absences, seasonal assignments, or special projects – temporary staffing is often the best option. TPG Staffing is a national temporary staffing agency, and has helped hundreds of companies just like yours. We can provide your company with skilled temps who can step right in from day one and get the job done with little or no on-the-job training. By choosing TPG Staffing for your temporary staffing needs, you will receive temps who can hit the ground running and make a positive impact on your bottom line.

A temporary staffing agency offers flexibility to employers
Temporary Help assignments can last from a few days to several weeks or months, giving job seekers schedule flexibility and employers the opportunity to fill short-term needs. If you are an employer seeking quality temporary staffing solutions, TPG Staffing can help you respond flexibly to changing markets and workforce requirements. Whether you are looking to have someone fill in for a single employee who will be out for a few weeks or you need to quickly double your workforce for a spike in activity around the holidays – TPG Staffing can meet any of your needs for temporary staffing in the US.

Temporary staffing offers flexibility to employees
A full-time, permanent position is not the right choice for everyone – and a temp staffing position can give employees the kind of job flexibility that they may be looking for. In addition, a temporary assignment can be a great way to ease back into the workforce after an extended absence, giving individuals valuable experience and confidence on the job. Working as a temp can also enable you to try out different companies, industries, and work environments to find where you fit best. There are a number of logistical and lifestyle reasons why temporary staffing can be a good fit for employees.

Temporary staffing can be a bridge to a permanent position
Temporary position can be a great to transition "tested" employees into permanent openings. In a Temp-to-Hire (or Temp-to-Perm) position, the employer has the chance to evaluate the job candidate and see if his or her skills are a good match for the company – while the employee can get a feel for the company and the specific job requirements. Because we test and screen all applicants to ensure their skills match the employer’s needs – employers can be confident that TPG Staffing will find them temp staff that are suitable for permanent positions after their temporary assignment ends. Our  employees also get a unique chance to have a “trial run” with an employer before deciding if they would like to pursue a permanent position there.

We fill a variety of national temporary staffing positions for your company
TPG Staffing offers a range of national temporary staffing opportunities in the fields of Human Resources, Marketing and Creative Services, Administrative Services, Call Center and Customer Service Staff, Accounting Clerks and Management and Professional Services. Our Administrative Services Division includes: Clerical/Office Staff, Data Entry Clerks and Entry Level Clerks. If you have a need for temporary staffing, we can help! Give us a call at 732-246-7100 for more information.