Temporary staffing in America has never been more popular, and for good reason. It seems that business owners have learned the hard lessons of the financial crisis between 2007-2009 and have increasingly relied on temporary staffers in the years since. Rather than committing to a team of permanent, full-time workers, many business owners have opted for a more flexible employment model. Using temporary workers offers several advantages to business owners across multiple industries and companies of all sizes.

The Growth of Temporary Staffing in America

The temporary staffing industry was born in the wake of World War II, with organizations like Kelly Girl Services putting housewives to work in offices around the nation.[1] The idea was to provide employers with a workforce that could be molded to specific needs. But the concept of being able to adjust your staff on the fly and not having to be committed to permanent employees has become more and more appealing over the years.

Infographic about the number of temporary jobs in the U.S.

Today, temporary workers make up over two percent of the American workforce, with the total number of temporary jobs reaching an all-time high of 2.9 million in May of 2015.[2] This is excellent news for employers, as the temporary staffing industry continues to gain momentum nearly a decade after the beginning of the Great Recession of 2007.

Growth in the temporary staffing industry is good for employees and employers alike. Using temporary employment, workers can build new skills, supplement income or create a path to a permanent position. Employers get the chance to test out workers before fully committing to them and quickly ramp up when business is booming or scale back during down seasons.

Temporary Staffing Helps Employers Solve Problems

In a perfect world, everything would go according to plan for business owners. Employees would never get sick, business would always be steady, emergencies would never arise and no one would ever fall behind deadline. But this is obviously a fantasy, as business owners are constantly putting out fires.

Partnering with a temporary staffing agency can help employers solve a number of potential problems, including:

  1. Staff shortages: Did one of your employees go on maternity leave or take a vacation during an especially busy time of year? A temp agency can get you a worker on short notice, sometimes on the same day you request one.
  2. Special projects/orders: If you’ve been awarded a new project or order for a client but don’t have the manpower to complete it, working with a temp may make more monetary sense than hiring a permanent full-time staffer.
  3. Avoid employee burnout: Overworking your permanent staff could result in diminished work performance. If your business is about to hit its busy season, adding a few temporary workers will keep your permanent staff at its maximum level of productivity without sacrificing the quality of service to your clients.

Temporary Staffing Helps Employers Save Money

As a business owner, one of your primary objectives is to minimize costs and maximize profits. You should be doing anything you can to save money, and a temporary staffing agency can help you do just that.

Here are some of the ways temporary staffing can potentially save your company big bucks.

  • Avoid overtime: If there’s extra work to be done, whose shoulders will it fall on? Relying on your permanent staff to help you pick up the slack may lead to you having to pay overtime, which will obviously balloon your payroll costs. Hiring temporary workers will make it so your permanent staff can continue working their regular hours.
  • Avoid recruiting costs: Hiring an employee often starts with recruiting and then moves to interviewing, onboarding, orientation and training. All of this takes time and costs money. A temporary staffing company will allow you to avoid all of this by providing you with a trained worker who will be ready to hit the ground running.
Illustration about the ways staffing helps you save money.
  • Avoid Bad Hires: Hiring the wrong person for a position can be extremely costly and time consuming. Using a temp-to-perm model, you can be sure that you have the right person for the job every time.

Maximize Your Business’s Success with Temporary Staffing

Your company’s success depends largely on the abilities of your employees. If your permanent staff is overworked or lacks specific skills, this will negatively impact your productivity and your bottom-line. The 21st century has ushered in a new era of employment. Businesses of all sizes and from all industries can benefit from temporary staffing, as evidenced by the droves of companies increasingly relying on it.

Today, there are more freelancers, contract workers and other temporary employees than at any other point in history. This structure allows workers to stay flexible and fit their work around their lives. There’s no need for employers to remain committed to the permanent employee model, because in many cases, it is costing them more money than necessary.

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As one staffing industry executive, Mary Pomerantz, puts it: “I think the advantage for companies of incorporating temps into their staffing model is having a strategic plan that has a flexible workforce to adjust to the changing needs of business.”

If you need more information about temporary staffing and how it can help your business thrive, we are happy to assist you. The professionals at TPG Staffing have been at the forefront of the temporary staffing industry for over three decades, having built a vast pool of experienced workers in a wide range of industries. We are prepared to connect you with as many employees as you need, when you need them. Contact us today at 732-246-7100 to learn more.