As the U.S. economy has evolved in the 21st century, employers and workers relying on staffing agencies has become more commonplace. Staffing companies employ millions of workers every week and offer a valuable service to companies that need flexibility in their workforce and people who need to fill employment gaps, reset their work histories and learn new skills. But not all staffing agencies are the same. Some constantly overperform, while others regularly fall well short of the mark. What can employers and employees look for when trying to identify and avoid bad staffing agencies?

Lack of Industry Knowledge

If recruiters at a staffing agency know nothing about your industry, how can they help you? How will they know what skills to look for or what characteristics should standout? If you have to hold their hand through everything and explain every nuance of your industry, this is not a good sign. A reputable staffing agency will have done extensive market research to completely understand your industry, which will put them in a better position to select better applicants.

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Knowing things like where to reach your target candidates, how to connect with them and how to determine the relevance of their job experiences and skills is crucial to making a good selection.

Looking Only at the Resume

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Recruiters at good staffing agencies know that a candidate’s resume only tells part of the story. Relying only on the resume is how you end up with hires who are bad fits for your company, despite having all of the necessary experience and education. Bad staffing agencies will ignore your corporate culture and approach the recruiting process with a focus only on checking off resume parameters.

How much autonomy is the applicant used to? Is the person a self-starter or does she require constant direction? How large were the previous companies she worked for? Is the person expecting a strict 40-hour work week or is she available for overtime? There are endless questions that reveal the true quality of a candidate and can’t always be found on a resume.

No Due Diligence

Unfortunately, people lie on their resumes and during interviews. You can’t just take someone’s word for it, you must follow up with references and perform background checks when necessary. If your staffing agency is sending you candidates whose performance falls short of their resumes, it’s likely that they aren’t taking the extra steps to ensure that job applicants are actually qualified.

After investing time and money into recruiting and hiring, the last thing you need is to find out that your new employee cannot do the job you hired him for. While there is no 100 percent way to avoid this, staffing agencies that take the extra time to fully vet job candidates significantly improve their chances of a successful hire.

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No Follow Up

This is something that will become apparent to employers and employees after a position has been filled, but if you never hear from your staffing agency after a job placement, it’s a bad sign. Following up with employers after finding them a new hire or with a worker after placing him at a new company is a standard practice.

Good staffing agencies will want to know how the new employee is working out or how comfortable a worker is in his new position. Bad staffing agencies are only concerned with getting paid and will quickly move on.

Inconsistent Hiring Results

Although no staffing agency will have a perfect record in terms of hiring success, there should be an acceptable level of consistency. Why would you pay a staffing agency to deliver results that you can replicate on your own? This is also something that you likely won’t be aware of until working with an agency for a while, but if you can’t trust that they will deliver you the candidates that you want, it’s time to move on.

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Avoid Bad Staffing Agencies – Choose TPG Staffing

The best way to ensure that you don’t get involved with a bad staffing agency is to choose a good one with an established reputation. TPG Staffing LLC has been a national leader in staffing for over a decade. We have placed thousands of employees for dozens of employers in a multitude of industries during that time.

We pride ourselves on the professionalism of our recruiters and our commitment to looking beyond the resume to find the best person for each job. If you are an employer who needs help filling positions or a worker looking for employment, we are here to help. Contact us at 732-246-7100 to learn more and get started.