Whether it’s because you’re changing directions in your career or rejoining the workforce after a lengthy hiatus, a staffing agency is a great place to hit the reset button on your professional life. It can be extremely difficult to suddenly change careers in your 30s, 40s or 50s without the right educational background and experience. Likewise, attempting to reenter the workforce after several years of unemployment is also an uphill battle. A staffing agency will help you gain new skills, add recent work to your resume and meet new employers who may be able to help you advance your career.

Get Away from Inflexible Workforces

Although you may have a perfectly acceptable reason for being out of work for several years at a time, employers still may not be eager to give you a chance to restart your career. You’re competing against workers who have the same educational background as you, but have no gaps in their work histories. When faced with a choice between a person who has been out of work for five years because of childcare or a person who has a seamless work history, many employers will choose the latter.

Employers want to deal with as little of a learning curve as possible to avoid lost productivity and/or training costs. They aren’t likely to want to wait for you to get up to speed, and they may assume that your skills have eroded over time. This is a reality that mothers and fathers (who quit their jobs to care for their children), retirees and people who have been unemployed for any other reason must contend with when applying for jobs.

Reentering the workforce after a lengthy absence is just not that easy. Employers want you to be able to demonstrate your skills and competence, and without recent work experience, it can be difficult to do so. A calculation from the Council of Economic Advisors, found that a person who has been unemployed for five weeks or less has a 31 percent chance of landing a job. Once a person has been out of work from 27-52 weeks, the percentage drops to 12 percent. After a year of unemployment, the odds of a person finding a new job sit at a paltry 9 percent.[1]

An infographic about the a person's declining chance of finding a new job with longer unemployment.

A Career Change Is More Difficult Than It Seems

There are several reasons why people pursue career changes:

  • Unsatisfied with compensation
  • Concerned about lack of growth opportunities
  • Current job is too stressful
  • Current job is too demanding on time
  • Work is not as rewarding as previously expected
  • Working in a declining industry
  • Looking for a new challenge
  • Chasing a dream

The fact is that employers and hiring managers want to take as little risk as possible when bringing on a new employee. They want as close to a sure thing as possible and, unfortunately, a person in the middle of changing careers does not give the impression of a safe choice. An employer is more than twice as likely to offer a position to a person with experience in a desired field than a person who has none. This is especially true in industries where the cost of hiring and firing employees is very high.[2]

So even if you have the necessary desire, skills and education to do a job successfully, if your resume does not reflect sufficient real-world experience in the industry, you probably will not receive a call for an interview.

A Staffing Agency Can Make the Difference

Picture of a man shaking hands with a woman in an office setting.

So how do you get experience in an industry when no one wants to give you a chance to prove what you can do? How do you break back into the workforce when all of your work history has dried up? Contact a staffing agency. Because of the many relationships that staffing agencies have with employers, the urgency to fill job openings quickly and the chance to get temporary work within your field due to illness or extended leave, staffing agencies may represent your best chance.

Here’s How a Staffing Agency Can Help

  • Recent experience: Even if you only find a six-month position, it could be all that you need to jumpstart your career renaissance.
  • Industry exposure: You may have dreamt of starting a new career or restarting your old one, but until you actually do it, you won’t really know exactly what to expect.
  • Relevant skills: Employers want to know that you have done the work before and that you know what it takes. A staffing assignment will likely help you develop the skills you need to continue advancing your career.
  • Temp-to-perm: More and more employers are willing to take a chance on workers using a temp-to-perm approach. If you’re able to impress your new employers, you could pave the way to a long career.

Restarting your career or changing your career direction is made easier when you work with a reputable staffing agency. At TPG Staffing, we connect employees and employers to build lasting relationships. We have helped many individuals in an endless range of industries advance their careers through temporary and permanent placements. If you are interested in making a career change or rejoining the workforce, we may have a job for you. Contact us at 848-224-6249 to learn about our job opportunities and schedule an interview.